Diversity, Equal Rights, Opportunity, and Access

The duties of the Committee on Diversity, Equal Rights, Opportunity, and Access are to: (A) study, develop, make reports and recommend to the Senate and to other units and officials of the campus, policies, procedures, and programs that address the unique concerns of women, racial and ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered members of our university community; (B) foster the recruitment, admission, hiring, and retention of members of these diverse groups in our student body and as employees of the university, as well as the creation of a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive campus environment; and (C) monitor campus policies, procedures, programs, and facilities to ensure that they are in full compliance with equal opportunity, affirmative action, and ADA federal and state laws.


Civil Service

Academic Professional


  • TBD,  Undergraduate Student Senator,  2021/22


  • Kerry Poynter, Interim Executive Director Diversity Center/Director of LGBTQA Resource Office
  • TBD, Associate Chancellor for Access and Equal Opportunity
  • Sarah Colby Weaver, Director of Disability Services