Experiences within this dimension will encompass building new opportunities among peers and the University community. The goal is to promote engagement and enhance the ability of a student to build and maintain close and rewarding relationships.  Current opportunities include:

  1. Greek organizations
  2. African student association
  3. Art student league
  4. International student organization
  5. Japanese Springfield
  6. Military & Veteran Club
  7. Muslim Student Organization
  8. Organization of Latin American Students
  9. Queer Straight Alliance
  10. Saudi Students Association
  11. Sisters with Vision
  12. Student Activities Committee
  13. Group Fitness Classes
  14. Personal Training
  15. Outdoor Adventure Trips
  16. Intramural Sports
  17. Athletic event (game)
  18. Young Professional Marketers
  19. Homecoming
  20. Welcome Week
  21. Springfest