UIS Wellness

UIS launched its wellness initiative fall 2016 for all current UIS students, faculty, and staff.  UIS Wellness is a campus wide effort to educate and promote wellness in all aspects of life.  Campus Recreation and many other departments have come up with nine dimensions; occupational, physical, financial, emotional, spiritual, environmental, nutritional, social, and intellectual.  The goal of UIS Wellness is to educate, support, increase awareness and self-efficacy to every UIS community member to living a healthy lifestyle and in turn having a higher quality of life.

UIS Wellness will be taking place through UIS Connection where each member of any organization or department that submits an event will be asked if they would like their event to be considered for inclusion in UIS Wellness.  We are encouraging everyone to select YES.  Once an event has been approved it is live.  At each event students, faculty, and staff must swipe in with their UIS I-card in order for that individual to be given the credit for being at the event and get their “checked box” for that wellness dimension.  No I-card?  That is okay, email addresses can still be written down and given to Amber Pye (apye3@uis.edu) and individuals can be manually entered into the event and get their credit.

Every UIS student, faculty, and staff member who completes one activity per each of the nine dimensions will then get their name put in for gift cards!  We are looking forward to a great year ahead, and hope that you are just as excited about UIS Wellness!  Get out there and Be WELL UIS!

For questions about the initiative and how you can get involved please contact Amber Pye; Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness for the Department of Campus Recreation.