University Fitness Challenge

What is the University Fitness Challenge?

The University Fitness Challenge is a program that allows the UIS community to win a t-shirt from schools nationwide while helping them to live a healthier lifestyle. Participants who sign up for the program will choose a school’s shirt and then exercise the actual mileage it would take to travel from UIS to that college or university. We have over 100 shirts from schools as close as Western Illinois University (76 miles) and as far as the University of Alaska-Fairbanks (3,620 miles). When the participant documents and submits the required mileage, the t-shirt is theirs to keep!

Who can participate?

All UIS students, faculty, staff, and alumni are eligible to participate.

Is there a cost to participate?

No, this is a free program.

How do I earn miles?

Miles are accumulated on an honor system. Use the conversion chart below to determine total miles earned during activities.

  • Walking or jogging: 1 mile = 1 mile
  • 1 Group Exercise Class (Zumba, Cycling, Kettlebells etc.) = 2 miles
  • Swimming: 10 minutes = 1 mile
  • Bike Riding: 10 minutes = 1 mile
  • Stairmaster or Elliptical Machine: 30 minutes = 1 mile
  • Weight lifting: 30 minutes = 1 mile
  • Intramural/Athletic Sports Participation: 1 game/match = 2 miles
  • Submit a brief summary of how you incorporated the Rec Tip of the Week into your life to Rec Sports: 1 summary = 2 miles
  • Cook one of the Recipe of the Month dishes and submit a photo to Rec Sports: 1 recipe = 2 miles
  • Other activities not listed above (golf, skiing, exercise video, etc): 60 minutes = 1 mile

Can I earn miles walking to and from class?

Yes! You can use a pedometer to track the number of steps you take each day. If you use a pedometer be sure not to “double dip”. An example of double dipping would be wearing your pedometer while jogging on a treadmill and counting both your steps taken and distance jogged, you will need to pick one or the other. If you don’t own a pedometer Rec Sports has them for sale for $1.

  • 2000 steps = 1 mile

Can I earn miles by participating in Intramural events?

Yes! You may earn miles participating in any of our Intramural events.

  • 1 Intramural game/match = 1 mile

How do I submit miles?

At the end of each week you will need to submit your miles by using the form below. Once your miles are submitted you will receive a copy of the submitted form for your records.

How do I register for the University Fitness Challenge?

Register in TRAC at the front check-in counter. You may register at any time during the academic year.  Registration is limited to the number of shirts available, once a shirt is registered for it is considered unavailable.

When does the competition end?

There is not an established end date for this program. As long as the you continue to submit miles we will support you in reaching your goal. However, if you go four consecutive weeks without submitting miles you will be removed from the competition and the shirt you registered for will be made available to other participants.

Have any other questions?

Contact Campus Recreation at