Fitness Assessments

Body composition – 15 minute session $3

A personal trainer uses a skin-fold caliper to measure 3 or 7 predetermined anatomical sites. From the measurements obtained, your body composition can be determined. Body composition is usually expressed as percent body adipose tissue (body fat) to lean body mass percent (bones & muscle).

Flexibility Assessment – 15 minute session $3

A personal trainer uses a flexibility box to test the flexibility of your lower body. This test measures the flexibility in the hamstrings. Tightness of these muscles can cause lower back pain and impact quality of movement/function of your daily activities. It is important to be aware of how tightness with certain muscle groups can lead to injury if you are not careful during fitness workouts.

Complete Fitness Assessment – 1 hour session $30

Our Tri-Fit software program uses a variety of methods to test your current fitness level. Personal trainers perform multiple assessments including bike ergometry for cardiovascular endurance (predicted vO2 Max), body composition, blood pressure, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility. Once your results are calculated, you will receive a detailed educational report that will be explained to you by your personal trainer or assessor.