Self-Scheduling Method

Events using the self-scheduling method are not directly supervised by the Campus Recreation staff. These events allow participants to find mutually agreeable times to compete that best fits his/her schedule. Captains/players are provided contact information for other participants to aid them in setting up days/times to play.

After competing, opposing team captains/players are required to submit an online Results Agreement Form (RAF).

In addition to sport specific rules used for each event, the following rules govern play for events using the Self-Scheduling Method:

  • Failure to submit a RAF prior to the deadline waives any right to appeal a submitted RAF from an opponent. Should competing participants fail to submit a RAF prior to the deadline, both will receive a forfeit for that contest.
  • All RAF’s must be submitted before 3pm on the specified deadline day. RAF’s date/time-stamped after the deadline will not be accepted.
  • If you have difficulty contacting a participant you are to play, it is your responsibility to contact the Campus Recreation Office as soon as possible. Failure to contact the office will still result in a forfeit should the match deadline pass. Contacting the office shows you are making an effort to play.