Special Services: FREE Fitness Assessments

Body composition – 15 minute session

A fitness assessment technician uses a skin-fold caliper to measure 3 or 7 predetermined anatomical sites. From the measurements obtained, your body composition can be calculated. Body composition is usually expressed as percent body adipose tissue (body fat) to lean body mass percent (muscle).

Complete Fitness Assessment – 1 hour session

Free fitness assessments are held by appointment only; contact the Assistant Director of fitness and wellness at acosn2@uis.edu to schedule your appointment today!

A fitness assessment technician will perform multiple assessments including; resting heart rate and resting blood pressure, body composition, cardiovascular endurance (step test), muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility. Once your results are calculated, you will receive a detailed educational report that will be explained to you by your fitness assessment technician.


Bring any questions about nutrition, health and wellness that you have!  We want to fully prepare you for your goals and individual needs.