How to Keep Wellness a Priority!

It can be easy to fall into a rut when you’re at home so much. Try these resources out to keep your wellness up during this time!

  •  Practice Mindfulness
    • Mindfulness Can Help You Navigate the Coronavirus Panic – posted by
    • Download Headspace – guided meditation for any pocket of time (the beginning meditation series is free but the rest is by subscription)
    • Download Motivation – an app that provides motivational phone wallpapers
    • Keep (or start!) a journal using prompts (click here for prompts) or an app (click here for some journalling apps).
    • Try Meditation
      • Insight Timer App
      • Headspace – While usually a paid app, they now offer a small collection for free called “Weathering the Storm”
      • Calm – Usually a paid app, now has collection of meditation (including for kids) for this crisis called “Take a deep breath”
      • Oak – Meditation & Breathing
  • Keep Tabs on Yourself
    • When was your last annual exam with your doctor?
    • Stick to a schedule even when working from home and, yes, that includes your sleep schedule
    • Workout at home (we have a whole tab on it!)
    • Drink enough water!
  • Find yourself sitting a lot?  Make you you’re getting up and moving!  Try this beginner’s flexibility workout on YouTube
  • How well do you eat?  Perhaps One Balanced Kitchen can help!


Credit to Olympic College Recreation for compiling this list.