U of I Sister School Visitor’s Policy

University of Illinois sister school visitors may use TRAC for a fee as a Special Visitor while they are visiting the UIS campus.

Currently enrolled students and employed faculty or staff from a University of Illinois sister school or affiliated office (such as UIUC, UIC, Extension Office, etc.) shall be eligible to use TRAC as a sister school visitor. The sister school visitor wishing to use TRAC shall submit his/her UI i-card to the Front Desk upon entering the facility. After determining eligibility, the sister school visitor shall then be granted permission to use TRAC upon paying per visit the $5 special visitor’s fee. This is not a daily fee; it is a $5 per entry fee, even if using the facility more than once in a day.

Sister school visitors shall be allowed the following benefits:

  • able to check out equipment during their workout time in the Rec Center only
  • same Guest Policy benefits as a Rec Member (i.e., able to host and sign-in guests and/or family members).

Sister school visitors do not have the following benefits:

  • no extended equipment check-outs (i.e., equipment checked out overnight, for multiple days, or outside of TRAC)