Special Group Visitor Policy

UIS campus conference visitors may use TRAC (Fitness Center and Arena) for a fee as a Special Group while they are on campus attending the UIS sponsored conference.

The UIS sponsoring department or office shall submit to the Department of Campus Recreation a request including the following information at least three business days before the beginning of the conference:

  • the name of the conference
  • the period of time the conference is being held at UIS
  • a list of the conference attendees
  • the UIS sponsoring department or office contact person.

The conference visitor wishing to use TRAC shall submit a photo I.D. (example driver’s license) to the Front Desk Attendant on duty upon entering the building. If the I.D. name matches the name on the conference attendees’ list, the conference visitor shall then be granted permission to use TRAC upon paying per visit the $5 special group fee.  This means that the conference visitor shall pay the $5 special group fee each time s/he checks into TRAC to use the facility even if it is more than one time a day.

Conference visitors shall be able to check out equipment during their workout time in TRAC only.  Conference visitors do not have the following benefits:

  • no extended equipment check-outs (i.e., equipment checked out overnight or for multiple days).
  • no Guest Policy Benefits (i. e., not able to host and sign-in guests and or family members).