Locker Rentals

Campus Recreation offers a limited number of lockers for rent at TRAC (these lockers are inside the rec locker rooms).

Full Locker

Annual- $50                     Current Term- $25

6-Month- $25                  Summer Term– $10

Half Locker

Annual- $25                     Current Term- $10

6-Month- $15                  Summer Term- $5


Additional Lockers:

Patrons may use any open locker for daily use, but all contents of the locker vacated before the building closes each day.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I bring my own lock?
You may bring your own lock to secure personal items in any open locker. Locks may not be left on lockers overnight. Personal locks left on lockers overnight will be removed and contents of the locker vacated.

What if I forget my lock?
Combination locks are available for use by Rec Members free of charge and can be checked out at TRAC’s Front Desk.