The Role of Campus Recreation at UIS

The primary role of Campus Recreation is to support the academic mission of the University of Illinois Springfield.  Campus Recreation provides quality service to students and employees while contributing to the holistic development of the individual.  Our work involves processes and programs that seek to be intentional in nature and action.


Alexandria Cosner

Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness
Undergraduate Degree– BS Exercise Science; Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Graduate Degree– MS Exercise Physiology; Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Oversee the fitness and wellness programs run by the Department of Campus Recreation
Hobbies- Enjoys participating in Triathlons, working out, being outside, and being with friends and family.

James Koeppe

Director of Campus Recreation
Undergraduate degree-
BS Business Administration; Georgetown College
Graduate Degree- MEd Higher Education Administration; University of South Carolina
Hobbies- Enjoy traveling with my family, outdoors-camping, hiking, and boating

Jay Swenson

Assistant Director, Facilities and Competitive Sports
Oversees Facility Scheduling and Management, Intramural Sports, Club Sports, Outdoor Adventures, Challenge Course
Undergraduate degree– Sport Management; St. Ambrose University
Graduate degree– Sport Management; Western Illinois University
Hobbies– Watching Cubs and Packers; listening to music




Graduate Assistant

  • Luka Kovacevic

Facility Leads

  • Peter Molloy
  • Shaina Humphrey
  • Tayler Davis
  • Charlie Lotspeich
  • Morgan Edwards
  • Abbe Stevenson
  • Halie Edwards

Front Desk Attendants 

  • Kelsey Marucco
  • Jordan Killen
  • Harry Hiscock
  • Jacob Reifschneider
  • Dan Kemp
  • Mario Falsone
  • Kenady Clayburn
  • Anuolu Balogun

Intramural Coordinators

  • Halie Edwards
  • Ben Szalinski
  • Drew Van Weelden


Group Fitness Instructors

Ellyn Baker 

Ellyn has been practicing yoga since 2012. It’s the only workout she’s found where she wants to do more as soon as it ends! Fun facts about Ellyn are; she has 5 sisters and zero brothers.  She plays the didgeridoo- {if you’ve never heard of this, you should really check it out!!} and the Native American flute.  Ellyn is a vegan registered nurse. At birthday parties, she would rather play outside with the kids than hang out with the adults.   Ellyn’s favorite food is mango, but is allergic to the peel!  Ellyn wishes to visit New Zealand more than anywhere else in the world!












Renee Clausner

Yoga allows participants to explore the relationship between body, mind and breath and has been a part of Renee’s life now for over 20 years.  Her practice has offered her strength, flexibility, balance, as well as, mental and emotional health, on and off the mat.  Renee’s passion is to share the positive effects yoga can have in your life.   You can expect a safe and joyful, yet challenging practice.  I hold a Master’s Degree in Human Development Counseling. Additionally, I have been Aerobic and American Fitness Association of America and CPR certified for over 20 years with over 150 credit hours of continuing education trainings in fitness, yoga and Pilates.










Alex Cosner 

Alex has been teaching group fitness now over the past almost 8 years.  She first started teaching at SIUE where she was a student instructor, from there has grown to love fitness and has been nationally certified for the past 5 years.  Alex made a career of fitness & wellness that just started as a passion- she obtained her bachelors in Exercise Science and masters in Exercise Physiology at SIUE.  Alex’s favorite part about teaching and educating those on fitness and wellness is the impact it makes on individuals lives in a high quality, healthful way- “I see people daily making an investment in their wellbeing and that just makes me smile”.  Alex wants everyone to know that exercise is medicine and the body is meant to move, although it doesn’t come easy, it is well worth it!  Alex is married and has one little girl, a second child on the way in November 2018, so catch her this Fall before she’s out for a bit.  Alex enjoys spending time with her family and friends and when she has the time to train really enjoys triathlons!










Tayler Davis 

Tayler has been teaching the past year and a half with Campus Recreation. She loves challenging people and trying new things all while having fun working out.   Tayler wants participants to know; “I struggle just like everyone else; if I can do it, so can you!”  Tayler also loves meeting new people in her classes. Tayler got into fitness was just like everyone else, she starting coming to the gym, but only about 3-4 times the whole first semester and was intimidated by all the sports team.  After going to a presentation about fitness with her now boss Alex, she started to feel a little more comfortable, then shortly after that contacted Alex to get her first fitness assessment!  After the assessment Tayler made the choice to start taking the fitness classes and get a personal trainer.  Tayler also started doing her own research on health and fitness and fell in love with the whole idea where now she is making a career of it!  Tayler loves the way exercise can make you feel, when you’re happy, sad, or stressed.  Tayler calls exercise her “calm place” and “me time” J   Tayler’s favorite food is pizza and tacos.  She loves cooking it’s another passion of hers!








Linda Hernandez

Linda Hernandez is a certified Zumba instructor at UIS and LA Fitness. Her favorite parts about teaching is being able to promote Diversity in her classes. She feels that in today’s world, it’s hard to bring people together due to racism. However, she believes that with a mixture of music, dance, and fitness always brings people together. Linda is a firm believer that Zumba cures depression and can definitely boost confidence. She also thanks God every day for giving her the blessing of being able to encourage others on their health through dancing!










Jordan Killen 

This is Jordan’s first teaching experience but has attended the UIS fitness classes regularly for the past year.  Jordan loves the motivation and support in the environment of group fitness and loves working out with a group of people who are striving towards similar fitness goals.  Her favorite part of a fitness class is the feeling after finishing the workout.  The feeling of accomplishment is so satisfying and motivates her to push herself to get better and better in her fitness journey.  Jordan’s favorite animals are monkeys!










Scott Marlow 

Scott has been involved in martial arts for most of his life and currently studies Kenpo and Jui-Jitsu in Springfield.  Scott is married and has two kids.  Scott received his master’s degree from UIS and was a part of the GPSI program.  He now works at IDOT here in Springfield and in his spare time enjoys reading and playing video games.










Diane McCreary 

Diane is a Certified Zumba Instructor and has been practicing Zumba for nine years.  She has been teaching at UIS for 5 years.  Diane got into teaching Rapid Zumba and participating in Yoga, Kettlebell, TRX and Boot Camp classes when struggling with a family loss, exercise has helped her become better & better every day. Diane’s favorite part about teaching is that she gets to share her passion for fitness with her participants and she loves to watch them improve every week! Favorite fitness quotes are: “A body in motion stays in motion” and “Get fit Stay fit.  Her favorite food is carbs; Specifically pastas and God Father’s pizza!









Jasmine Schnietz 

Jasmine is a certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor. She holds additional certifications in WERQ, Kickboxing, and Yoga. Jasmine has been teaching classes for a little over a year now. She started participating in group fitness classes in 2010 and fell in love.  She decided to become certified last year so that she could spread the joy and happiness that exercise brings. Her favorite part of teaching is seeing the smiles on her participants faces. When she isn’t teaching classes, Jasmine works for the Springfield School District 186 as a Speech Language Pathologist. One of her favorite quotes: “Dreams don’t work unless you do.”










Talon Tapscott 

Talon is a Certified CycleFit Instructor and has been teaching group fitness classes for about 3 years now. Both of his parents are instructors so that sort of got him into teaching!  Talon enjoys helping others, and this is probably the best way he knows how.   Talon races Bicycle Motocross (BMX) and has been since he was 7 years old.  He has been a state champion multiple times and national champion as well in BMX racing!  Other than BMX, his favorite sports are football and basketball.  Favorite food is pepperoni pizza.  A quote he really likes is, “I do what I do, and you do what you can do about it.” -Lil Wayne










Personal Trainers


Kenton Clayburn 

Kenton has been training here at UIS since last October. He is working towards national certifications from NASM and the NSCA.  Kenton is an Exercise Science major at UIS and has always been into fitness ever since he started sports at a young age. That passion has driven him to want to help other people reach their fitness goals!  He also works with some of the athletes here at UIS as a Strength and Conditioning intern. He plans on attending Grad School after UIS and becoming a collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach. He has a background in powerlifting and strength training. His hobbies include kayaking and spending time with friends and family.











Richard England 

Richard started personal training in August 2017, and in his first year he trained many international students at UIS who had never exercised before.  Richard also has experience training with kids and ex-military clients.   Personal Training is what Richard is really passionate about and that energy is often reflected off my clients which is really gratifying in this industry.  Richard believes there is a fitness program for every individual and enjoys devoting his time to uncovering what the optimal program may be.  Richard is not going to hold your hand, but more help kick you into gear and take control of your own health and wellness.  Join Richard and take that first step to living a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.









Kathryn Powell 

Kathryn has been a nationally certified personal trainer for the past 3 years.  In high school she started weight and cardio training to supplement martial arts and throughout college these pursuits grew into a passion for fitness and health. While an archaeologist by trade she’s done personal training part time for the last 4 years. While she leans toward strength and power workouts she has had a nutrition certification for the last 2 years as well. Kathryn’s favorite part about personal training is that it’s, well, personal. “There’s something special about the connections you make with individuals as you help them discover their own passions for an active and healthy lifestyle.” Kathryn is also currently pursuing her M.A. in Public History at UIS while working as an archaeologist locally. When not studying or working, and in addition to strength and cardio workouts, she also enjoys training in a number of martial arts several times a week. While she was born three and half months early and is legally blind in one eye it naturally took a while to convince her parents to let her train in martial arts; she has nonetheless trained in Kenpo karate for 15 years, Indonesian Kali for 8 years, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for almost 3 years.