The UIS Orion mark was commissioned by UIS Marketing and developed by the UIS Creative Services team. Research and development of the mark was a creative process of over a year. The Orion mark was approved by the Chancellor’s Cabinet in March 2017.

The Orion mark was designed and developed as a graphic representation of the Orion mascot to contribute to school spirit, pride, and recognition. Therefore, to maximize the Orion mark’s effectiveness as a UIS identifier, it is imperative that the Orion mark is not altered.

The University has applied for Orion mark to be a licensed identity. We monitor its proper use and protection. The Orion mark can only be reproduced from authorized electronic files.

The Orion mark can be produced in its stand-alone or combination form on T-shirts, caps, coffee mugs, banners and displays, etc. Please note the following:

  • For internal UIS purposes, you can use the Orion Mark on flyers, posters, handouts, etc.

How to Use the Orion Mark with UIS Wordmark

The UIS Orion mark can be used in combination with UIS wordmark. The standards for both marks should be followed consistently and applies to all versions of the Orion mark. Please note that the Orion mark should not be used with the UIS logo or UIS department logo.

1. Side by Side Combination
The Orion mark should be the same height as the UIS wordmark. The Orion mark should be placed on the left side only. Minimum clear space rule applies.

2. Stacked Combination
The Orion mark should be centered over the wordmark. Size of the Orion mark can vary but should not exceed the width of the wordmark. Minimum clear space rule applies.

3. Single-Line Wordmark Combination
A single-line wordmark can be requested. The Orion mark can be placed above or below the single-line wordmark. Size of the Orion mark can vary. Minimum clear space applies.

4. Lettermark / Initials Combination
The Orion mark can be placed on on any side of the letters. Size of the Orion mark can vary, but minimum clear space applies.

Standards and Usage Agreement

The use of the Orion mark must strictly follow these standards. As with all official marks of the University, correct use is a requirement for effective identity, communication, and recruitment.

1. Proportions
Figure 1: Always constrain proportions when resizing the Orion mark. (Tip: hold down the “shift” key to constrain while resizing). Do not alter or create your own Orion mark.

2. Colors
Multiple color and single color files are available. Do not alter colors or deviate from the official University colors: UIS Blue, White, and UIS Gold. Do not add visual effects such as shadows, glows, or other filters.

3. Minimum Clear Space
Figure 2: The clear space is built into the file. Do not place photos, typography, or other graphic elements on top of the Orion mark or inside the minimum clear space.

4. Backgrounds
The Orion mark can be placed on:

  • A black or white background;
  • Any solid color background;
  • A lighter background image as long as legibility is not diminished.

5. Other UIS Logos and Marks
Figures 3 and 4: Do not use the Orion mark in combination with the UIS Dome logo, or with the Leadership lived tagline. The Orion mark can be used with the UIS wordmark.

Sample Use