University Name

The name of the university is University of Illinois Springfield.

By decision of the Chancellor’s Cabinet, we dropped the use of the word “at” and are now known as University of Illinois Springfield – or simply Illinois Springfield.

The change does not alter UIS’ legal, statutory name, nor does it require purging signage or documents where it does appear. The original name remains on our official stationery, business cards, and very permanent structures (entrance signs, colonnade, etc.)

The university name or Wordmark must appear on all official print and electronic publications.  See the Content Standards.

Generally, the university’s name is used as follows:

  • University of Illinois at Springfield
    Used for legal purposes and for official stationery/business cards.
  • University of Illinois Springfield
    Used for all standard print and electronic publications.
  • Illinois Springfield
    Used for recruiting, and when the audience consists of people outside the campus.
  • UIS
    Used as an abbreviation, and when the audience is here on campus and within 50 miles of Springfield, Illinois.