Miranda Mogle ’18

Hometown: Chatham, IL
Major: Business Administration
Future Plans: Become a healthcare administrator

Miranda Mogle was already a successful small business owner when she decided, at age 30, that she wanted to complete her bachelor’s degree in business administration at the University of Illinois Springfield. “I decided since I owned a business that I should know something about it, which eventually brought me to UIS,” she said. While attending UIS, she came up with the concept for a new computer application called “Good News Now”, a news content aggregator that screens out unpleasant news stories providing consumers with only positive news. Mogle recently presented her business model at the University of Illinois Undergraduate Research Day at the Illinois State Capitol. She was also honored in April 2018 with an “Innovator of the Year” award during the Illinois Capital Innovation Competition Awards. She plans to pursue her master’s degree in nursing and would like to become a healthcare administrator.

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Posted on May 22, 2018