Category: Computer Science

Tasneem Shaik ‘21

Tasneem Shaik chose the University of Illinois Springfield because of the courses it offers, internship opportunities and great learning experiences. She works as a student employee at the Office of International Student Services and is vice president of the Indian Student Organization.

Divya Shet ‘19

Divya Shet calls the University of Illinois Springfield “an amazing place for international students.” She is heavily involved on campus as a graduate student assistant at the Center for Online Learning, Research and Service. She previously worked as an International Students Ambassador for the Office of International Student Services.

Vincent Joseph ‘18

International computer science graduate student Vincent Joseph calls his educational experience at the University of Illinois Springfield “fantabulous”. Joseph has spent the past four semesters interning at the Office of the Illinois Auditor General where he’s been hired on full-time following graduation from UIS.

Suparna Banerjee ‘19

Suparna Banerjee says she’s glad she came to the United States to earn her master’s degree in computer science at the University of Illinois Springfield. Banerjee recently founded a new student organization on campus called the Hostility Elimination Liaison Program (HELP). The program aims to address discrimination and hate against minorities based on their social and political identities.

Bhavyanshu Parasher ‘17

Graduate computer science major Bhavyanshu Parasher says he chose the University of Illinois Springfield because of its outstanding cyber security courses. At UIS, Parasher works as a student web associate for the UIS Office of Web Services, is vice president of the UIS Computer Science Club and recently helped to redesign the UIS Computer Science Department website.

Andrew Koontz ‘18

As a student manager at Brookens Library, Andrew Koontz makes sure that patrons find the resources they need. He also trains new student workers and is responsible for special projects. Koontz has worked at the library for the past year and a half and worked his way up to the student manager position. It’s the first time he’s ever held a management position.

Austin Mehmet ‘17

Hometown: Springfield, IL Majors: Computer Science & Legal Studies Future Plans: Work as a software developer Austin Mehmet has learned many lessons about leadership at the University of Illinois Springfield as president of the Student Government Association (SGA). The computer science and legal studies major has learned about time management, teamwork and how to delegate… Austin Mehmet ‘17 Read More »

Alex Ginglen ‘17

Hometown: Lewistown, IL Major: Computer Science Future Plans: Become a software engineer Alex Ginglen is a Camerata music scholar at the University of Illinois Springfield. He sings in Camerata Music Groups and recently performed at a University of Illinois Board of Trustees meeting. Ginglen also plays the trombone in the UIS Concert Band and drums… Alex Ginglen ‘17 Read More »

Vicente Valtierra ’13

Major: Computer Science Hometown: Gary, Indiana Career Plans: Start a technology business Vicente Valtierra has a passion for helping other people. It’s that passion which led him to bring a national Hispanic Grassroots Leadership Development Program to UIS. The program is designed to bridge the gap between citizens and elected officials. His efforts have resulted… Vicente Valtierra ’13 Read More »