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Thom and Valerie Gebhardt

Business Service Worker; Counselor/Adjunct Professor Thom and Valerie Gebhardt strongly support their employer, the University of Illinois. They are active on the UIS campus with Safe Zone and the LGBTQA Resource Office. Valerie is a certified substance abuse and mental health counselor in the Human Resources building who facilitates a support group for the on-campus… Thom and Valerie Gebhardt Read More »

Kara McElwrath

Assistant Director of Information Technology Services Kara McElwrath enjoys her job where she gets to work with just about everyone with a connection to UIS. Working for ITS means that she helps students as well as faculty and staff who are having trouble with their computers or other technology. Kara and her team come up… Kara McElwrath Read More »

Gwen Cribbett

Admissions and Records Officer Gwen Cribbett contributes to the community of UIS by evaluating incoming students and helping decide who is admissible to the school, then sends the application to the appropriate program. Specifically, she handles graduate applications. She believes UIS is a nice size for students because you can easily be known by your… Gwen Cribbett Read More »

Wendy Gochanour

Student Affairs Besides being a Sunday school teacher/secretary for her church, or going motorcycle riding with her husband and her dog, Bear, Wendy is very busy within the Student Life office. Her responsibilities include preparing artistic contracts for various Student Life and student organization events, reconciling reports for 80+ student organization fundraising accounts along with… Wendy Gochanour Read More »

Joy Roberts

Accountancy Joy Roberts is no stranger to multitasking. As soon as she gets to her office, Joy is answering calls, emails, and student questions as well as helping any other staff or faculty that need assistance. Everyone is kept in good spirits by Joy’s enthusiastic, friendly personality. Joy knows that everyone she meets is going… Joy Roberts Read More »

Grant Johnson

Facilities Scheduling Services Events administrator Grant Johnson works to support students and staff in event planning and helps bring those events together. When a date is selected, Grant makes sure the right people receive proper paperwork to set up food, media, or other services for the event. Grant contributes to UIS’ right-sized, supportive community feel,… Grant Johnson Read More »

Shawn Craig Shures

Office of Graduate Intern Programs, Center for State Policy and Leadership As Assistant Director of the office and graduate intern recruiter, Shawn has spent almost 20 years recruiting students for UIS’ graduate degree programs and the broad array of graduate internships and assistantships available. UIS faculty members depend on Shawn’s ability to tell the UIS… Shawn Craig Shures Read More »

Mark Dochterman

UIS Volunteer & Civic Engagement Center As Director, Mark Dochterman’s mission is to help, not just students, but the entire UIS family, develop a commitment to civic and social responsibilities through serving in the community. To that end, Mark works closely with Springfield area partners to identify real needs and create opportunities for UIS students,… Mark Dochterman Read More »

Erika Suzuki

Program Coordinator for International Student Services Erika is one of the first people international students meet when they arrive at UIS. She’s always ready to answer their question and help them adjust. She even plans events where international students can socialize and learn about American culture. Erika understands what it’s like to study in an… Erika Suzuki Read More »

James Gleeson and Peter Wolff

Food Service Jim and Pete are on the front lines of student service through their jobs in the Food Emporium. Their faces are among the first students see when they arrive for breakfast or lunch. The two are known for their speed cooking, comfort food, the ability to juggle several orders at once and, sometimes,… James Gleeson and Peter Wolff Read More »

Rebecca Jones

Grants and Contracts As Assistant Director, Rebecca is responsible for the administration of grants and contracts after they have been awarded. This means collecting the cash, distributing it, monitoring expenditures, and generally assuring that UIS is in compliance with University and funding agency guidelines. She sees her work as minimizing the administrative burden of grants… Rebecca Jones Read More »

Tom Slate

Campus Services As Press Supervisor, Tom’s job is to oversee all printing, bindery, and Central Receiving Operations. Faculty and staff rely on Tom and his team’s commitment to quality and service so their teaching materials, recruitment brochures, programs, magazines, and other publications look sharp and are ready on time. All supplies and merchandise arrive through… Tom Slate Read More »

Jill Menezes

OBFS-UIS Purchasing As a Business/Administrative Associate, Jill prepares and negotiates contracts, bids and RFPs so University departments can buy needed equipment and supplies, and secure services. Jill’s vast knowledge of University policies allows her to tackle the extraordinarily complex documents for the departments, answering questions and working directly with the vendors, so faculty and staff… Jill Menezes Read More »

Becky Prather

Becky Prather Financial Assistance Becky Prather with the Office of Financial Assistance works with students to make college accessible and affordable. She tries to make the financial aid process a smooth one for students and their families. Another responsibility of Becky’s is to assist our military veterans as they transition to college. She says, “Honestly,… Becky Prather Read More »

Ross Owens

UIS Police Officer As a police officer on the University of Illinois Springfield campus, Ross Owens knows connecting with students is a big part of his job. It’s that personal engagement that makes students feel more comfortable when it comes to reporting a crime or suspicious activity. Ross typically works a 12-hour overnight shift, but… Ross Owens Read More »

Terry Minder

UIS Assistant Grounds Gardener Terry Minder has made it his mission to keep the University of Illinois Springfield campus beautiful. He’s part of an 11 person crew that maintains 370 acres of campus grounds. Minder enjoys interacting with students and wants to make them “feel at home” when they come to campus. Even after 12… Terry Minder Read More »