UIS’ Four Core Attributes

Teaching-focused Academic Experience

Gifted and ambitious, our professors could go anywhere. They choose UIS because of our fundamental dedication to teaching. Teaching that puts them face to face with students in the classroom or interacting directly with students online. Professors know their students at UIS – their names, their strengths, their goals. One important outcome of a UIS education is the long-term relationships you’ll form with these talented mentors.

An Abundance of Opportunities to Collaborate

Teaching and learning at UIS is all about collaboration. Students do research alongside faculty. The University partners with business and industry. Professors team teach and courses reflect perspectives from multiple majors. The lines are blurred because that’s how life is. You will learn actively and leave with a big picture view that will ably guide you through your career and through life.

A Right-sized, Supportive Community

It’s not just about being the right sized campus. How you connect with your college comes down to the faces you see every day, the people you interact with online, and how those human connections make you feel. UIS takes pride in being a warm, welcoming campus where faculty and staff support the academic and extracurricular endeavors of students. Ask our graduates what they remember most about college and they start naming names.

A Tradition of Educating Public Servants and Leaders

UIS places a special emphasis on public affairs and global citizenship. How could we not, being located in the heart of government and all things Abraham Lincoln? We are proud of our tradition of educating tomorrow’s leaders and public servants through a wide variety of related majors and extraordinary internships. Many choose service and non-profit careers, others excel in the private sector. All are contributing to a better world through ethical leadership and a commitment to making a difference.