The UIS Science Research Symposium 2001-2011

We are excited to announce that 2012 will be the inaugural year for UIS StARS (Student Arts and Research Symposium). This will be held on April 12 and 13, 2012. Look for more information soon.

For More Information see the new StARS webpage!

Research Symposium Goals:

The primary goals of the symposium were to encourage scientific dialogue among the colleges and participants, Sara Paver discusses her research on the Illinois River Floodplain with fellow students.and to inform the academic community of the scientific research conducted at UIS and neighboring campuses.

The Symposium was open to undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty involved in applied or theoretical research. We particularly encouraged the presentations by the students, and prizes are awarded for the best student poster and best oral presentation by a student. The symposium offers a good opportunity to present the preliminary findings of a study.

Previous annual programs available online: