Pre-Medical Concentration

The Pre-Medical concentration in Biology is a 20 hour concentration. Sixteen hours are required courses and four are electives. Some of the required courses are needed to fulfill the requirements for the Bachelor’s degree and students who wish to concentrate their studies in this area must complete all of the courses listed below. Ideally students will be encouraged to take both chemistry and medical lab science electives, but in order to keep the number of hours in the concentration reasonable only four credit hours of electives are required.

Required Courses
ASP 201 University Physics I 4
ASP 202 University Physics II 4
CHE 269 Organic Chemistry II 3
CHE 271 Organic Chemistry II Lab 1
MAT 115 Calculus I 4
Electives 1
Select one or two of the following: 4
Biochemistry I
Clinical Chemistry I
Introduction to Hematology
Introduction to Immunohematology
Introduction to Immunology
Total Hours 20