Curriculum Overview

Students engage in field work at the Emiquon Station.The information that follows on these pages is divided between the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs and the Biology minor program.

Undergraduate Majors:

The Biology program requires that students take a core number of courses to provide a foundation in the discipline. Students are also expected to take a minimum of one biology elective. In addition, students must complete a one-semester course in organic chemistry with laboratory and a minimum of one course in liberal arts. Many students take minors in chemistry or environmental studies, but a minor is not required. It is perfectly acceptable to put together electives UIS Biology students get to play with fire.that will both provide personal enrichment and broaden skills.

Some students choose to participate in the Biology Honors Options program by taking a few additional courses and assembling a research project with a member of the faculty.

Graduate Majors:

The Biology Department offers a balanced curriculum in two main themes: cellular and molecular biology, and ecology and evolution. The curriculum is based on a combination of formal coursework (as in your undergraduate degree), plus independent study (Thesis or Project).

The M.S. is a professional degree. Students will become prepared for a career in biological sciences, including: