Some Useful Databases

The Brookens Library Online provides links to many useful databases related to science and medicine.  Summaries of some of these databases can be found below.  To access the links, go to the UIS Library’s list of databases and look for the titles in the alphabetical listing.

  • BasicBIOSIS: provides an index of over 350 core life sciences journals; covers the last five years only.
  • Biological & Agricultural Index: indexes around 350 core biology and agriculture journals and magazines back to 1983.
  • Clinical Pharmacology: provides full text information on prescription and over-the-counter drugs and herbal/nutritional supplements. Text comes from two sources: Drug Monographs (aimed at practitioners) and Patient Education (aimed at consumers).
  • LexisNexis Environmental: contains a gateway to environmental information. One may choose Environment Abstracts on the right hand side to access thousands of journal articles, conference papers, and proceedings back to 1975 (no full text). Clicking on Journals & Commentary on the right hand side accesses full text of current news and environmental law review articles. This database also offers information on Codes & Regulations, Case Law & Agency Actions, and Waste & Materials.
  • Medical Ovid: Provides a gateway to over 15 different medical databases.
  • Science Citation Index: indexes and analyzes citations from over 5,700 journals back to 1987.
  • SciFinder Scholar: lists a premier suite of chemistry databases offering access to patent and journal references, substance information, regulated chemicals, chemical reactions, and chemical supplier information. This information is available via software loaded onto library and computer lab public computers.
  • Science Direct: contains full text articles from over 900 scholarly journals back to 1995; includes indexing of all 1800 Elsevier journals and the database MEDLINE.
  • Wiley Interscience:  offers selected full text articles from scholarly journals on the life sciences back to around 1997; includes indexing of all 92 titles back to the first issue. Note: We do not have full text access to the online books or reference works.