Jaleesa Earthely

Jaleesa EarthelyJaleesa Earthely is completing an internship at the Springfield Urban League as part of her BBA.

Jaleesa choose to work at this community organization that’s vital to Springfield. According to their website, the Springfield Urban League, Inc. is a “nonprofit, civil rights and community-based movement that serves nearly 6,000 people annually, providing direct services, research and policy advocacy to assist individuals and communities in reaching their fullest potential”. Just a couple of their programs include the SAY Program focusing on the social and academic empowerment of youth in grades 6-12 and the YouthBuild Program involving core issue facing low-income communities such as housing, education, employment, crime prevention, and leadership development.

In Her Own Words

While at the Springfield Urban League I work in the fiscal department, where I assist with just about everything! Some of my duties include printing checks, creating spreadsheets, coding purchases into accounts payable, and assisting with transforming from one fiscal year to another.

Working at the Springfield Urban League has helped me understand why it is important to be organized and what procedures are necessary to get there. Working side by side with the finance assistants is great because they help me to learn and to understand the job. Even when it takes me longer to understand something, they patiently explain to me what to do and answer my questions.

One aspect of the job that I like is that I’m working with many different sites, and I’m finding out about all the programs that we offer to the community. I’m seeing how important the details have to be in the finance department – I think about the times before when I thought people were being difficult but now I understand.