Frequently asked questions about the Business Administration Bachelor degree

What are the different options for the BBA degree?

  • The BBA has these options: BBA Comprehensive, BBA: Finance Concentration, BBA: Marketing Concentration, BBA: Management Concentration, and BBA: Sport Management Concentration.
  • These options enable BBA students to pursue a general course of study choosing electives from a variety of business areas (Comprehensive) or pursue advanced studies in finance, marketing, management, or sport management.
  • See the requirements for each option. All options share the same requirements for the Foundation, College Core, and ECCE requirements (only exception for the Foundation is that for Finance students, ECO 315 does not fulfill the economics requirement). The difference is the 15 hours of required and elective courses for each concentration.

I’m a transfer student. How do I get started?

  • Contact Erin Kuntz, undergrad academic adviser for the college, at ekunt2@uis.edu or call 217-206-6782.

How do I know who my academic adviser is, and how do I contact him or her?

  • For Freshmen and Sophomores most advising for general education requirements is done in Undergraduate Academic Advising: uisuaac@uis.edu (217)296-7471.
  • The College of Business & Management Academic Advising office assists students with 30 hours completed including new transfer students cbmadv@uis.edu . Contact Erin Sotelo, undergrad academic adviser for the college, at ekunt2@uis.edu or call 217-206-6782.

BUS faculty also serve as academic advisers. You can find your adviser by checking your DARS report or by calling the program office at 206-6780. Most advisers set up their own advising appointments and often the preferred contact is email. See the list of BUS faculty and emails below. If you need help contacting your adviser, please call the program office at 206-6780.

Atul Agarwal UHB 4025 aagar3@uis.edu
Leo Bin UHB 4045 fbin1@uis.edu
Dyanne Ferk UHB 4076 dferk1@uis.edu
Francois Giraud-Carrier UHB 4038 fgira2@uis.edu
Shipra Gupta UHB 4048 shipra.gupta@uis.edu
William Kline UHB 4056 wklin2@uis.edu
Laurel Newman UHB 4072 lnewm1@uis.edu
Nancy Scannell UHB 4055 nscan1@uis.edu
Robert Wright UHB 4036 rwrig1@uis.edu
Jorge Villegas UHB 4053


What is my DARS report, where do I find it, and why do I need it?

  • A student’s DARS report determines eligibility for graduation. The student is responsible to access the report and confirm his/her status with respect to requirements of his/her degree program. DARSweb for students takes completed coursework (UIS and transfer) and in progress courses including registration for upcoming semesters and feeds all that information into a set of degree requirements. The default is the declared major (BBA) with entry year catalog unless a petition has been completed requesting another catalog year. There’s also an option to run the report for other degrees and catalog years.

To access your DARS report: Degree Audits.

You need to use DARS because it’s one of the best ways to keep track of your progress toward graduation. It takes a day for new registration to be available – but then you can check if courses fulfill graduation requirements, whether they’re general education, ECCE, or BBA major requirements. Need help understanding the report? Contact the program office at 206-6780 or email the BUS Program office

I want to take some online courses. How can I do that?

  • Most online sections in the College of Business & Mgt for Fall and Spring semesters have priority registration for Online BBA, Online BBA: MGT Concentration, and Online MIS majors. (Summer online sections are not usually restricted).
  • For FA and SP semesters, non-online majors are asked to complete an online course request form. This info is included in the Dynamic Course Schedule. The link is www.illinois.edu/goto/courserequest
    Each request form goes to the Online Program Coordinator to review & near the beginning of the semester, once online majors have had ample time to register, any open seats will be offered to students who completed the request form (sent to UIS Email only).
  • After completing the request form, any questions about the process can be directed to Barbara Cass, BBA Online Coordinator.
  • Students requesting an online section should have an alternate plan in place in case open seats are not available.

Do I need to take business courses in a certain order?

  • Foundation coursework (prerequisites) should be completed first and ideally in the first 60 hours. Foundation courses may be completed elsewhere and transferred to UIS or completed at UIS. Before enrolling in College Core courses check that you have completed all prerequisites for the course, as students who are not in compliance will be removed from the course. The College Core course MGT 488 may only be taken after all core courses are completed and during the last semester of coursework or within the last 12 semester hours of coursework. Business administration electives are offered on a rotating basis – it’s a good idea to take them when available if you have the prerequisite. A list of BUS and CBM electives for each semester is available in the program office. See your BBA adviser too for a graduation plan.

What if a class I want to take is full?

  • You may be given the opportunity to place your name on a waitlist when you try to register. Add your name on the waitlist and check with that course’s department secretary for more information. You may want to discuss your situation with the professor teaching the course, especially if you need to take the course to graduate that semester. There’s an email link to the instructor from each course section in the Dynamic Course Schedule https://ui2web4.apps.uillinois.edu/BANPROD4/bwckschd.p_disp_dyn_sched .

When may I complete an internship if I am an undergraduate student?

  • In order to enroll in an internship, you must have completed at least 12 hours of MAJOR course work. A critical component of an internship is the application of theories learned through your course work. Therefore, you should not enroll in an internship until you have completed enough hours in the program to have the acquired skills needed in the internship. Usually, this means an internship is completed sometime during your senior year (after completion of 90 semester hours). 2016 Internship Information Handout You may find a listing of possible placements at the Internship Service webpage: https://www.uis.edu/cas/ipl/internships/

May I transfer courses from other universities to count toward my upper division (300 and 400) College Core or BUS/CBM Electives requirements for my BBA degree?

Students may petition the Business Administration Program to transfer upper-division hours earned at another 4 year university. You may petition these hours for general elective credit or toward BBA major requirements. For a BBA student planning to use upper division transfer hours, at least 50% of all business credit hours must be completed at UIS (20 hrs). At least 12 hrs of the College Core must be fulfilled at UIS (in other words, only 3 core courses can be transferred in). MGT 488 is a capstone course and cannot be waived or transferred from another institution. Check with your academic adviser.

What is the process to apply for graduation?

  • Go to the UIS Graduation webpage for details.
  • Students planning to earn a degree must indicate their intent to graduate to the Office of Records and Registration. Students must submit an online graduation application and submit an approved Graduation Application Signature Form, whether they plan to participate in the commencement ceremony or not.  It is important to complete this process by the posted deadline.  A mandatory graduation application fee will be charged to each student upon submission of the graduation application.Forms and instructions can be found on the Records and Registration Forms website.Students with questions concerning any of the information above or regarding graduation eligibility should contact Graduation at (217) 206-7730 or registrar@uis.edu.

Does planning to participate in commencement require different steps than applying for graduation (see previous question)? YES!

    Those planning to participate in the commencement ceremony ARE REQUIRED to complete the following TWO steps:
    1. Confirm their participation by submitting an online intent to participate. Students can submit their intent via the commencement website (www.uis.edu/commencement/) which is available several months prior to the commencement date.. Only those who are eligible will be able to submit their intent to participate (see the graduation webpage for more information).
    2. Purchase a cap and gown during the “Graduate Salute” to be held in the UIS Bookstore (located on the first floor of Founders Hall). Dates and times of the “Graduate Salute” available at the graduation webpage.