Elle Gronewold

In Her Own Words

Elle GronewoldMy name is Elle Gronewold, a senior Business Administration major at UIS. I participated in an Applied Study Term over the Summer 2010 semester for credit toward my BBA.

My AST placement was at the Department of Revenue in Springfield at the Willard Ice Building. My job was to assist taxpayers with their questions about individual income taxes. I was in the Call Center within the Taxpayer Assistance Division where taxpayers could receive help with individual income taxes by calling a toll free number that would direct them to us.

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and was honored that I was chosen to do this internship. Not only did I receive college credit for this internship but I was also compensated for my work, which was very fortunate because some internships are not paid.

  • I learned from this experience to be a more effective communicator in the workplace and to not be shy and worry about what people think if I state my opinion. Before this internship I was shy, reserved, and really did not put in effort to start a conversation.
  • I learned that communication is a major factor in whether or not a job is a success or a failure, and that I needed to have courage because communicating effectively in the workplace can be a very powerful tool to success.
  • I learned that communicating effectively would allow me to network, giving me more opportunities to advance and get my foot in the door to become that next possible hire.

I really enjoyed meeting and working with all the people connected to my internship. They were so welcoming and always there if I needed help.

From this experience I have gained knowledge and insight into tax issues and would not mind after college possibly applying for a job at the Department of Revenue. Overall this will be an experience I will not forget!