Paige Heiser – Leadership Lived

Paige Heiser is a senior Business Administration major with a minor in Marketing. Paige is very involved in many activities at UIS including the Student Government Association, the Student Activities Committee, Alternative Spring Break and the Capital Scholars Honors Program. Paige has been involved in Alternative Spring Break for 4 years as a past president and this year serving as the event coordinator. She planned the week’s itinerary for the volunteers and is leading the drive to raise the money to fund the trip through various fundraisers including a Krispy Kreme sale. This year’s trip is to Washington, D. C. to help with hunger and homeless issues there. Past trips include the Everglades in Florida to help preserve the national park there, Memphis, New Orleans, and South Dakota.

Paige is working on campus at UIS in Campus Relations updating the new digital signs in the Public Affairs Center and UHB. She’s working on content and signage and sees this as a benefit to her career plans because she wants to go into the marketing field. She feels that the work at UIS gives her a leg up on others hoping to get into the marketing field too. She appreciates that she has learned to network and how to make connections by working on campus at UIS which will benefit her in the future.

Paige says that she has learned to be a leader at UIS. She has learned to value putting herself out there and getting involved in what she cares about. She know that she cannot rely on others to make the changes that she wants – she needs to do it herself!

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