Nicholas Andersen AST

Nicholas Andersen AST1

BBA online major Nicholas Andersen with his supervisor Jennifer Sager

My name is Nicholas Andersen, a senior Online Business Administration major at UIS.  My Applied Study Term took place at my current place of work at the Illinois Department of Revenue.  I work in the Letters and Certification Section handling sensitive and confidential information for taxpayer and investigation requests.  In order to fulfill the internship requirements, I was assigned new projects outside of my normal work. This new work included:

  • Identifying and mapping warehoused Unitary files. Identify, log, and place markers for multiple pallets of files in the warehouse.  This included documentation of files, locating and placing file markers on shelves to communicate locations for retrievals.
  • Conducting qualification and image verification for new lockbox vendor for IL-941 and ST-1 record series
  • Developing section procedures, including going over old procedures and implementing new ideas and suggestions to improve our section’s processes. This also includes brainstorming and breaking the ideas to create the best applicable procedures.

My experience has been amazing, as it has allowed me to work on my professional development while benefiting the Illinois Department of Revenue as a whole.  I have improved my public speaking skills, time management processes, and leadership skills while conducting this internship.

Coming into this internship, I was lacking in experience in a professional business setting.  Upon completing my internship, I have learned through my hard work and through the support of my managers and supervisors that I can definitely succeed, and thrive, in a professional work environment.  Whether my career winds up here with the Illinois Department of Revenue, or somewhere else, I know that this internship has helped mold me into the professional I want to be.