Kiet Nguyen Internship

My name is Kiet Nguyen. nguyen-kietI am an international student from Vietnam and my major is Business Administration, with a concentration in Marketing. Doing an internship at Farmers Insurance in Fall 2016 was a turning point in my life. The language barrier used to be my nightmare when I started my studies in America. However, I received a lot of opportunities to improve my communication skills by doing the “door hangers” job and making marketing phone calls to reach potential customers. At first, it was difficult doing the marketing jobs. However, I learned a lot of lessons that motivated me to reach the higher level. Finally, I was successful. I got a customer who came to my office because of my door hanger marketing. I saved him $500 on his home insurance compared with the previous one that he had. That’s the most amazing experience I have ever had since I started doing my internship.

My job responsibilities at Farmers Insurance are not only delivering door hangers and making phone calls but also managing the company’s social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Hearsay… I am also doing blind mailers daily based on company data, blind mailers are auto and home quotes for potential clients.

I was planning to go back to Vietnam to take over my family’s business (car dealerships) so working on auto quotes helps me learn a lot of things affected by insurance prices. The internship definitely would be beneficial to my future career.