Kendra Tucker


“I learned from my supervisor, from my coworkers, even  myself.”

Kendra Tucker 4

Interning at the Springfield Chamber of Commerce was such a great opportunity. I interned with the director of membership and marketing, David Earhart. The position spanned many roles – some of the projects I participated in included:

  • Planning and executing the annual Corporate Cup Golf Challenge
  • Maintaining information and member contacts in the Chamber’s database
  • Contacting members
  • Facilitating the many Chamber sponsored events
  • Participating in large and small staff meetings
  • Coordinating communication between the members and the Chamber staff

One advantage of my internship with the Chamber was the variety of experiences. I collaborated on big and small projects with both large groups or smaller focused ones with a few interested parties. I learned from my supervisor, from my coworkers, and even myself.

Without this experience, I truly feel I would be at a disadvantage entering the workforce. I know so many college grads that were not required to have an internship so they don’t have the practical experience and confidence that prospective employers want. I believe my internship experience will pay off after graduation.