Dr. Michael H. Small

Associate Professor, Business Administration
Chair, Business Administration and Management Programs
D.B.A., Production and Operations Management, Cleveland State University, 1993


  • BUS 322 – Principles of Operations Management,
  • BUS 449 – Production Planning and Quality Control,
  • BUS 522 – Production and Operations Management,
  • BUS 530 – Service Operations Management

Professional Journal Articles

  • Small, M. H. (2006). Justifying Investment in Advanced Manufacturing Technology: A Portfolio Analysis. Forthcoming in Industrial Management and Data Systems, 106 (4).
  • Small, M. H., Yasin, M. M., & Wafa, M. (2004). Benchmarking JIT: An Analysis of JIT Implementations in the Manufacturing Service and Public Sectors. Benchmarking: An International Journal, 11 (1), 74-92.
  • Small, M. H. & Lohrasbi, A. (2003). MBA Student Perspectives on Online Degrees and Courses: An Empirical Analysis. International Journal on E-Learning, 5-15.
  • Small, M. H., Yasin, M. M., & Wafa, M. (2003). Organizational Modifications to Support JIT Implementation in Manufacturing and Service Operations. The International Journal of Operations Research, 31 (3), 213-226.
  • Small, M. H. & Yasin, M. M. (2003). Advanced Manufacturing Technology Adoption and Performance: The Role of the Management Information Systems Departments. Integrated Manufacturing Systems, 14 (5), 409-422.

E-mail: Small.Michael@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-7927
Office: UHB-4053