Dr. Nancy Scannell

Associate Professor, Business Administration
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago

Recent Courses:

  • BUS 302 – Principles of Financial Management
  • BUS 381 – Business and Developing Countries

Recent Articles:

  • Paas, T., Tafenau, E., & Scannell, N. (2008).  Gravity Equation Analysis in the Context of International Trade: Model Specification Implications in Case of the European Union.  Eastern European Economics, 46 (5), 92-113.
  • Scannell, N. J. (2007).  The Business Review Cambridge: TMV, Inc.  The Business Review, Cambridge.
  • Scannell, N. J. (2007).  The Business Review, Cambridge: Investing in Junk.  The Business Review, Cambridge.

E-mail: nscan1@uis.edu

Phone: (217) 206-7915
Office: UHB-44055