Professor Mark Puclik

Associate Professor-Emeritus, Business Administration
J.D. University of Arkansas
M.B.A. University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Recent Courses:

  • BUS 331 – Business and Society,
  • BUS 332 – Legal Environment of Business,


  • Puclik, M. S. (2005). Review of State Legislation Regarding UETA Since E-Sign. The Business Review, Cambridge, 4 (2).
  • Puclik, M. S., Palmer, J. , & Wright, R. E. (2003). Issues Related to Gaining and Maintaining Patent Protection for Small Business Innovations. Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences, 10 (2).
  • Puclik, M. S. (2003). The Impact of the Grahm-Leach-Bliley Act: Disclosure of Nonpublic Personal information on the Financial Institution and the Consumer. Journal of the American Academy of Business, 3 (1&2).

Phone: (217) 206-6781
Office: UHB 4051