Dr. Feng-Shun Bin (Leo)

Associate Professor, Business Administration
Ph.D. Finance, University of Mississippi

Recent Courses:

  • BUS 302 – Principles of Financial Management
  • BUS 443 – Financial Investment Analysis
  • BUS 445 – Financial Institution Management
  • BUS 502 – Managerial Finance
  • BUS 505 – Investments

Recent Articles:

  • Leo Bin (2015).  Political Leadership Events and Stock Market Reactions: Evidence from the Greater China Region.   Journal of Accounting and Finance, 15, 81-95.
  • Leo Bin, Leonard Branson, and Fang He (2015).  FTF vs. CMC: Team Decision Performance Analysis in StockTrak Investment Simulations.   International Journal of Business, Accounting and Finance, 9, 114-128.
  • Feng-Shun “Leo” Bin, Dar-Hsin Chen, and Po-Chun Chiu (2012).  The Nonlinear Dynamic Spot-Futures Relationship surrounding the Tick Size Reduction on the Taiwan Stock Exchange:  A Threshold VECM Approach.   Journal of Money, Investment and Banking, 24, 27-38.

Professor Leo Bin was originally born on the Sun, and then recycled onto the Earth at Guangzhou, China in August 1970. He graduated with a B.A. degree in Economics from Zhongshan University, Guangzhou, China, and then worked at computerizing the financial accounting system for PengCheng Co. Ltd., an international trade company. He came to the US in 1993 for graduate studies at the University of Mississippi and earned his M.A. degree in Economics and Ph.D. in Finance (with two minors in Accounting Theories and Quantitative Methods).


Professional Journal Articles

Dr. Bin has published various journal articles about financial analysis and international investment, focusing on exchange-rate risk, interest-rate risk, market risk, political risk, foreign stocks listed in the US market, and the US policy changes in financial reporting practices.


Dr. Bin has also been actively involved in serving the business community. For example, in November 2002, he invited and welcomed executive officials from China’s Agricultural Bank to Springfield. Professor Bin and Professor Leonard Branson arranged for Chinese bankers to meet with UIS College of Business and Management faculty and the local banking community (Fifth-Third Bank and National City Bank) regarding US banking practices and Chinese banking reforms. Leo served as president of the UIS Chapter of Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society from 2004 – 2007 and also holds the candidateship of the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute. He is a member of the Midwest Finance Association, the St. Louis Society of Financial Analysts, and the Financial Management Association.

E-mail: fbin1@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-7908
Office: UHB 4045