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To earn a minor in finance, a student must complete a minimum of 28 semester hours of course work.

Required Courses

ACC 211 Introduction to Financial Accounting 3
ACC 212 Introduction to Managerial Accounting 3
ECO 213 Statistics for Business and Economics (or MAT 121 Applied Statistics) 3
MAT 113 Business Calculus (or Mat 114 Finite Math, MAT 115 Calculus I, or MAT 116 Calculus II) 4
ECO 201
ECO 202
Introduction to Microeconomics
and Introduction to Macroeconomics
or ECO 315 Economics for Administration
BUS 302 Principles of Financial Management 3
BUS 443 Financial Investment Analysis 3
or BUS 444 Intermediate Financial Management
Select one of the following finance-related electives (or other BUS/ECO/ACC electives approved by the program): 3
Federal Income Taxation
Topics in Finance
Financial Investment Analysis 1
Intermediate Financial Management 1
Financial Institution Management
Financial Economics
Theory of Finance and Applications
Total Hours 28