Admissions Requirements

Degree Program Program Type Dept Application Materials and Admission Criteria Prerequisite Course Requirements Department ADM Review Dept Conditional Admits Dept Appeal Process
Business Administration BBA On campus No additional admission requirements beyond the general UIS criteria *Minimum grade of C- is required in the following foundation courses: ACC 211, ACC 212, ECO 213 (or MAT 121 Applied Statistics), MAT 113, MAT 114 OR other calculus, and ECO 201 AND ECO 202 OR ECO 315.

Course work equivalent to the above may be accepted upon approval by the student’s advisor and the College of Business and Management.

*Cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 across all foundation courses.

Business Administration BBA Online Additional Application Materials Required:

*Completed Supplement to Application Form requiring applicant to:

1. present a rationale for pursuit of the online degree

2. demonstrate ability to set and meet academic goals

3. report on background, plans for completing the BBA degree and career aspirations

4. describe information and learning technologies experience

Preference will be given to students who effectively demonstrate they are unable to attend on campus classes because of distance, work or care giving issues that are incompatible with regularly scheduled class offerings.

Additional Admission Criteria:

1. complete at least 45 hours of college credit toward degree

2. minimum overall 3.00 GPA

3. demonstrate the ability to write in the English language at the appropriate baccalaureate level

4. access to the Internet and specified software and experience with their use

*Minimum grade of C- is required for the following courses: ACC 211, ACC 212, ECO 213 (or MAT 121 Applied Statistics), MAT 113 or MAT 114 or other calculus, ECO 201 AND ECO 202 OR ECO 315 Online BBA Program Director N/A N/A