Ryan Walling Internship

Intern Ryan Walling with supervisor Mack Rowatt
Intern Ryan Walling with supervisor Mack Rowatt

The focus of my Fall 2016 semester was the completion of a 250 hour internship with a company here in Springfield. During the summer I reached out to multiple business in the Springfield area, and one of the companies that responded was the Fastenal Company. What drew me to this internship opportunity was the kind of business that Fastenal Company is. I appreciate what Fastenal Company stands for and how it conducts business in a professional way. Fastenal Company is a distributor of fastenings, fixings, and associated products. The focus of my internship was broken down into two semesters. The first semester focused on learning the store and the products offered. I needed to get familiar with inventory and the everyday customers. The second semester is focusing on the sales support portion of the internship and learning about sales outside of the company and gaining new customers.

I had many job responsibilities in the first semester of my internship:

  • Responsibility for customer phone calls regarding orders
  • In charge of all requests from other Fastenal Companies for transfer of products to branches
  • Controlled the logistics of new stock/inventory in the store
  • Accountable for on-site customers to provide them with the products they needed
  • Responsible for making deliveries with the company trucks
  • And at the end of the day, I was responsible for the cash proof, bill of lading print outs, and locking up/closing down the store

I gained valuable experience though my internship and will continue with the goal to learn as much as possible. The most valuable lesson that I learned at Fastenal was how to act professionally in every situation: to communicate professionally with customers through phone calls, emails, and face to face interaction. I learned how to stay on task and take responsibility. I also discovered how hard you have to work in this “business world” we live in today. I have worked very hard to get where I am today with the Fastenal Company, and because of that hard work, they have extended an offer to me to stay the Spring 17 semester and continue to grow with this company. I would like to thank everybody that helped me along the way, I wouldn’t have done it without you!

Ryan Walling
Undergraduate in Business and Management
Class of 2017
University of Illinois at Springfield