Program Progression

Students in the MATR Program must maintain high academic standards to continue progressing through the program. In order to remain in good standing in the MATR Program students must:

  1. Maintain at least a 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) cumulative GPA
  2. Earn a B or better in all MATR required coursework (grades of B- or lower are not accepted)*
  3. Demonstrate satisfactory completion of all competencies, proficiencies, and curricular content standards associated with the didactic and clinical education components of the program
  4. Maintain current CPR/AED for Professional Rescuer and Healthcare Provider or Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers certification
  5. Successfully complete annual bloodborne pathogens, HIPAA, FERPA, and sexual harassment training
  6. Maintain annual tuberculosis and influenza immunization requirements
  7. Abide by the Policies and Procedures outlined in the MATR Student Handbook
  8. Complete Criminal Background Checks as outlined


*Students may submit a Student Petition form to use up to a maximum of three hours of C/C+/B- grade toward a single didactic (non-practicum) course in the degree. The Student Petition form must be processed in the semester following the course in question. Required courses that are completed with a grade of B- or lower must be repeated.Students may repeat program courses for grade improvement only once. All courses required for the MATR are sequential. Repeating a course will result in the student being unable to progress in the program and the graduation date for the student will be postponed by at least one academic year.

MATR Curriculum

Professional Year 1 (PY1)

ATH 511: Foundations of Athletic Training Practice 3 cr
ATH 512: Emergency Care 3 cr
ATH 513: Applied Clinical Anatomy and Physiology I 2 cr
ATH 515: Therapeutic Intervention Concepts 2 cr
ATH 519: Athletic Training Practicum I 1 cr
TOTAL 11 cr
ATH 522: Lower Quarter Assessment and Management 3 cr
ATH 524: Psychosocial Aspects in Athletic Training 1 cr
ATH 525: Therapeutic Interventions I 3 cr
ATH 527: Clinical Proficiency Integration I 1 cr
ATH 528: Evidence-Based Research Methods 2 cr
ATH 529: Athletic Training Practicum II 2 cr
TOTAL 12 cr
ATH 532: Upper Quarter Assessment and Management 3 cr
ATH 533: Applied Clinical Anatomy and Physiology II 2 cr
ATH 535: Therapeutic Interventions II 3 cr
ATH 537: Clinical Proficiency Integration II 1 cr
ATH 538: Applied Research I 1 cr
ATH 539: Athletic Training Practicum III 2 cr
TOTAL 12 cr

Professional Year 2 (PY2)

ATH 541: Health, Wellness, and Exercise Applications for Athletic Training 2 cr
ATH 542: Medical Conditions 3 cr
ATH 545: Therapeutic Interventions III 2 cr
ATH 549: Athletic Training Practicum IV 1 cr
TOTAL 8 cr
ATH 551: Advanced Techniques in Athletic Training Practice 2 cr
ATH 552: Gait, Posture, and Movement Assessment 2 cr
ATH 555: Therapeutic Interventions IV 2 cr
ATH 556: Athletic Training Administration 3 cr
ATH 557: Clinical Proficiency Integration III 1 cr
ATH 559: Athletic Training Practicum V 2 cr
TOTAL 12 cr
ATH 561: Contemporary Management and Leadership in Healthcare 2 cr
ATH 567: Clinical Proficiency Integration IV 1 cr
ATH 568: Applied Research II 1 cr
ATH 569: Athletic Training Practicum VI 3 cr
ATH 595: Graduate Seminar in Athletic Training 2 cr
TOTAL 9 cr

ATH 596: Continuing Enrollment in Graduate Seminar                                     0 cr

                                                                                                        TOTAL HOURS: 64