Closure Requirement

Master of Athletic Training’s Closure

As a component of ATH 595, all students in the Master of Athletic Training Program (MATR) must complete a comprehensive assessment exam administered by the MATR faculty. This exam is designed to draw upon the knowledge, skills, and abilities learned throughout the MATR curriculum. Completion of the closure requirement is satisfied once a student successfully passes the comprehensive assessment exam*with an 80%. Students who take ATH 595 and do not pass the comprehensive assessment exam while enrolled must register for ATH 596  (zero credit hours, one billable hour) each fall and spring until the exam is passed.


*Students in the MATR program may substitute the Board of Certification (BOC) exam for Athletic Trainers for the comprehensive assessment exam administered by the MATR program faculty but only if the BOC is taken and a passing score is received prior to the end of the semester. The BOC exam is the entry-level requirement for an individual to practice athletic training and therefore will assure a minimum level of knowledge is attained.