Points of Pride

The Master of Athletic Training is proud of:

Great Facilities

  • A huge, multiple purpose classroom for taping, evaluation, and rehabilitation courses
  • A second, multi-purpose classroom for evaluation, general medical, and emergency care courses
  • A dedicated modalities lab room with 10 multi-joint articulating tables and various therapeutic intervention equipment
  • A wet lab containing two whirlpools, a refrigerator, hydrocollator, and various cold therapy devices

Great Opportunities

  • UIS provides students with small and technologically enhanced courses
  • MATR students receive a broad theoretical foundation that is enhanced with a variety of clinical education opportunities
  • The MATR has created a network of partnerships with medical providers throughout the area
  • As a part of the University of Illinois system MATR students have the opportunity to complete some clinical rotations at UI-Chicago and UI-Urbana Champaign
  • The city of Springfield has a diverse and extensive healthcare industry for students to gain clinical experience