Meet our Faculty

Dr. John Martin John Martin

Associate Professor of Astronomy-Physics

B.A. Astrophysics, University of Virginia (1995)
Ph.D. Astro-Physics, Case Western Reserve University (2003)
Phone: (217) 206-8342
Office: HSB 141

Teaching/Courses: University Physics (ASP 201/202), Intro Astro: Planets & Solar Systems (ASP 101), Intro Astro: Stars & Galaxies (ASP 102), Introduction to Cosmology (ASP 221), Modern Astronomy (ASP 303), Stellar Astrophysics (ASP 404)

Publications: Dr Martin has published papers in several refereed journals including the Astronomical Journal, Astrophysical Journal, and Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. A full publication list is available here.

Research Interests: Using stellar spectroscopy and stellar kinematics to discover the history of individual stars and stellar populations in our galaxy and deconstructing the processes in stars which manufactured the atoms in our bodies.