The goal of the astronomy curriculum at the University of Illinois at Springfield is to provide students with the opportunity to learn about the astronomical universe through a variety of courses, research, and public outreach activities.

Reflection Nebula; taken from hubblesite.orgOur program has focused mainly on excellence in teach lower-division general education, teaching students to become citizens who understand the scientific method and have an appreciation for the physical sciences. Our more advanced classes are meant to take students further, starting them on the path toward a life-long love for astronomy and/or work as a citizen scientist.

There is no major or minor in Astronomy at UIS. Independent study in astronomy is available to upper-classmen who excell in science and mathematics. Applied study and independent research are also available. Chemistry majors can earn credit toward their major for independent astronomy research.

Chemistry students can earn CHE 400 research credit toward their major through independent research in astronomy.

Follow this link for more information about student research at the UIS Observatory.