About Assessment of Student Learning

Membership and Terms of the Committee as outlined in the Campus Senate Bylaws.

The duties of the Committee on Assessment of Student Learning are to:

a) Study, develop, and encourage policies, procedures, and programs that assess student learning vis-à-vis baccalaureate skills, general education, graduate education, and academic programs; and

b) Provide continuing oversight to assessment activities;

c) Foster best practices of assessment across the campus; and

d ) Communicate and cooperate with other campus and University units and committees on assessment issues; and

e) Make reports and recommendations, each academic year making at least one report to the Senate, the Deans of degree-granting colleges, the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, and other units and officials of the campus and University.

The Committee shall establish subcommittees on a standing or temporary basis as it deems necessary to carry out its duties.

  • Membership and Terms

The Committee shall consist of six faculty members appointed by the Campus Senate, one each from the Colleges of Business and Management, Education and Human Services, Public Affairs and Administration, the Library and two from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. This committee will also include one student appointed by the Student Government Association to serve a one year term. Ex-officio members are the Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education or designee, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education or designee, the Director of the Capital Scholars Honor Program or designee, and the Director of the Center for Online Learning, Research and Service.  Faculty shall serve three-year staggered terms.  Each spring semester the committee shall elect a chair from the ranks of faculty whose term will begin in the summer session.