Representatives to Campus Senate Committees

AP Reps to Campus Committees (including terms of office):

Academic Integrity Committee (3 year term)
James Koeppe, 2016-18

Academic Technology Committee (2 year term)
Clayton Bellot, 2016-18

Campus Planning and Budget Committee
Donna Haynes, 2014-18

Committee on Admissions, Recruitment and Retention (3 year term)
Emily Boles 2015-2018

Committee on Diversity, Equal Rights, Opportunity and Access (3 year term)
Sophia Gehlhausen (2015-18)

Committee on the Library (2 year term)
Laura Bandy, 2016-18

Committee on Student Discipline (2 year term)
James Burgdorf, 2016-18
Heather Nielsen, 2016-18

Committee on Sustainability (3 year term)
James Koeppe, 2016-19

Research Board (2 year term)
Nancy Barrett, 2016-18

Representative to CSAC
Stacey Gilmore
Maureen Hoover
Gina Massie
Mae Noll
Jessica Pickel

Chancellor’s Ad Hoc Committee on Drug Testing (2003 to conclusion)
Barbara Cass