Wendy Butler

Wendy ButlerCurrent Location: Springfield, IL
Hometown: Oconee, IL

UIS Degree: B.A. 2002 (Communication)

Current Position
Division Manager, Statewide Services, Central Management Services, State of Illinois

Career Highlights
“I am proud to continue to serve the people of Illinois for more than 20 years through four different Administrations. My career has included media relations, legislative liaison work, personnel, disability services, veterans outreach and minority recruiting. I believe that a career in state government is an honorable pursuit, and that that state needs career professionals who are dedicated to delivering quality service to the public. I have been inspired by past and current UIS students who wish to pursue a similar career path. Their passion to serve is refreshing and bodes well for the future of Illinois government.”

Memories of SSU/UIS 
“I enrolled at UIS to complete my Bachelor’s degree more than 10 years after completing my Associate’s degree. I was married, well into my career, and working more than 60 hours a week. Charlie Schweighauser and Alex Casella challenged and inspired me. The well-displayed love of their disciplines, the assigned reading material and class discussions continue to impact my world view and my confidence in my intelligence and ability to learn. The education I received at UIS is priceless.”

How did UIS change or prepare you?
“Within a month of earning my Bachelor’s degree, I became unemployed. The fact that I was able to find another job in the same field for a non-profit organization within six weeks is surely a testament to the importance of getting that degree.”

Personal Motto
“I believe that being aware and in touch with the root of who you are and where you come from is the key to finding success and happiness. I’m still working on my own success and finding myself, but I can sense I’m getting closer. My experience at UIS was a big part of that journey toward knowledge and self-discovery.”

Posted on July 22, 2014