Sara Paver

Sara-PaverCurrent Location: Arlington, VA
Hometown: Warrenville, IL

UIS Degree: B.S. 2007
Other Degrees: M.S. 2009, Ph.D. 2013, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Current Position
Sea Grant Knauss Fellow in the Division of Ocean Sciences at the National Science Foundation

Career Highlights
“I was awarded a National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant to complete my Ph.D. research on the response of bacterial community composition to interactions with phytoplankton under different temperature and light conditions.”

Memories of SSU/UIS
“I remember being very excited to learn that I had been awarded an American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Undergraduate Research Fellowship. This summer fellowship enabled me to carry out a research project that I designed with Dr. Mike Lemke and present my results at the ASM General Meeting in Toronto the following year. I also met my husband, Chris Jacob, and some of my closest friends during my four years at UIS.”

How did UIS change or prepare you?
“My undergraduate research experiences in Dr. Mike Lemke’s lab inspired me to study microbial ecology in graduate school and provided me with the tools that I needed to succeed as an independent researcher.”

Personal Inspiration
“Dr. Lemke is definitely a person that inspired me. I do not know where I would be today or what I would be doing if he had not mentored and advised me while I was a student at UIS. All of my research successes have been built upon the foundation of what I learned from Dr. Lemke.”

Favorite Movie
“My favorite movie is GATTACA. As an incoming college student, I was very interested in human genetics. I have since channeled that enthusiasm towards bacteria and phytoplankton.”

Posted on August 5, 2014