Rob Newbold

Rob NewboldCurrent Location: Springfield, IL
Hometown: Clay City, IL

UIS Degree: B.A. 1998 (Legal Studies)

Current Position
Regional Manager, Business Development for the Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center

Career Highlights
Former Deputy Secretary of the Illinois Department of Transportation, high school special education teacher and small business owner.

How did SSU/UIS change or prepare you?
“SSU provided me an opportunity to get involved in Model Illinois Government (MIG), which completely changed my career path. I had planned to become an attorney until I was fortunate enough to have been appointed, then elected to Lt. Governor of MIG. The experience encouraged me to get involved in politics. After college, my involvement in campaigns allowed me to meet and interact with so many amazing people, including six U.S. Presidents. SSU and MIG taught me the value of thinking bigger, challenging my perspectives and compromising with others to achieve something greater.”

Memories of SSU/UIS
“My favorite memories of SSU are from my experiences meeting and living with so many different and interesting people in the apartments on campus. I treasure the cultural lessons that I learned from having a Columbian and New Jersey roommate at the same time. During my graduate studies, I recall having an office in the PAC which became a hangout after hours for several of the program students who needed a computer or printer to do late night paper writing at the end of the semester.”

Interesting Fact
“I enjoy listening to one of my son’s play the guitar and watching the other play rugby. I enjoy writing and am a published author, and I still enjoy the same action, space and fantasy movies that captured my interest as a child, such as Star Wars, J.R.R. Tolkien and Marvel superheroes. I’m also a big fan of PIXAR.”

Posted on January 20, 2015