Naomi Velasquez-Greene

Naomi Velasquez-GreeneCurrent Location: Springfield, IL
Hometown: Chicago, IL

UIS Degree: M.A. 2001 (Communication)
Other Degree: B.A., Louisiana State University

Current Position
Freelance writer, contributing articles to the Springfield Business Journal, certified Social Media Marketer

Career Highlights
“I am proudest of a documentary, With All Deliberate Speed, which I produced on a desegregation case in Louisiana, which is still considered an open federal case. The documentary led to final recognition for the three girls, who are now grown women, who desegregated the New Orleans public schools.”

Memories of SSU/UIS
“I loved the intercultural class taught by the late Dr. Larry Smith. He split us into groups to develop a group ‘culture’ and then try to interact with each other. Even though I grew up experiencing many cultures in Chicago, the class was still very interesting with students of many backgrounds and ages. Dr. Smith created an open, hands-on environment in all of his classes that allowed and encouraged exploration, healthy discussions and self-guided learning.”
Valesquez-Green says UIS provided interesting opportunities through different organizations such as the Graduate Public Service Internship program (GPSI), which then leads to positions and experience in government.

How did UIS change or prepare you?
“The communications track helped me to move, and use my media background for public relations and intercultural communications. The training and coursework helped me work in organizations where I was able to develop internal and external communication initiatives to reach diverse populations.”

Interesting Fact
“Since living in Springfield, I have become an Abe and Mary Lincoln fan (books, sites, movies.) For the past five years, I’ve helped lead the annual Historic Bike Ride as part of the Springfield Bicycle Club. The event is both an outlet for my interests (biking and local history) as well as a way to showcase Springfield’s historic sites for visiting riders.”

Posted on January 20, 2015