Matt Van Vossen

Matt Van VossenCurrent Location: Oak Lawn, IL
Hometown: Oak Lawn, IL

UIS Degree: B.A. 2011 (Political Science)
Other Degree: J.D. 2014, John Marshall Law School

Current Position
Associate Attorney at Blitt & Gaines Law Offices

Memories of SSU/UIS 
“UIS is a small school relative to other public universities in Illinois and as a result you really have an opportunity to get to know people on campus and build relationships that last a lifetime. The most significant thing that I took away with me from UIS was the relationships that I formed there.”

How did UIS change or prepare you?
“As with most undergraduates, my time at UIS was the first time in my life being truly independent. UIS provided me with the opportunities for success, both personally and professionally, that became the foundation upon which I have relied in all future endeavors.”

Personal Note
“I just want to reiterate that it’s the people at UIS that make it such a great and unique university. As a member of the College Democrats, it was apparent to me that UIS was distinct in that political antagonism amongst students was almost nowhere to be found. Since graduation, I am very proud to have seen that UIS has continued to maintain and expand on its exceptional tradition of political bipartisanship.”

Posted on July 22, 2014