Mark Donovan

Mark DonovanCurrent Location: Springfield, IL
Hometown: Gibson City, IL

UIS Degree: MBA 2009 (Business Administration)
Other degrees: B.S. 2002, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Current Position
Senior Vice President, Commercial Lending at Illinois National Bank (INB)

Career Highlights
“I think getting to go to work every day for a locally owned and locally managed organization is one of the most fortunate as well as empowering circumstances for which I could have ever hoped. We reinvest local dollars every day by and between our friends, neighbors, non-profits, and businesses and that makes their standard of living incrementally better every day. That fundamental principle, which we help put to work every day, is my perpetual highlight.”

Memories of SSU/UIS
“Quite simply, my favorite memories were visiting campus, attending sporting events, and assimilating to the UIS culture during my MBA.”

How did UIS change or prepare you?
“UIS helped me revive the notion that learning is a constant thirst that needs to be quenched. It should be a lifelong journey not only in the intellectual and technical sense, but also in the existential sense, because it makes us better leaders and more educated and tolerant individuals. More specifically, the UIS MBA program exposed me to professionals across a wider array of disciplines; this is something that I wasn’t exposed to in undergraduate Finance. With this comes the benefit of a diverse set of perspectives and preconceived ideas on how to build, manage, and lead better businesses.”

Interesting Fact
“While I’m pretty terrible at both, I very much enjoy basic woodworking and playing the piano.”

Posted on March 31, 2015