Luke Runyon

Luke RunyonCurrent Location: Fort Collins, CO
Hometown: Peoria, IL

UIS Degrees: B.A. 2010 (Communication), M.A. 2011 Public Affairs Reporting)

Current Position
Reporter, Harvest Public Media and KUNC-FM

Career Highlights
“In my current job I’m given the chance to talk with the people that make our food system run: farmers and ranchers. Everybody eats, and right now there’s an intense interest in how our food is produced, so I feel honored to be able to tell stories on the radio about our interconnected and complex food system to engaged listeners.”

Memories of SSU/UIS 
“Covering the legislative session in 2011 at the state capitol while a student in the Public Affairs Reporting program was huge for my career. I still draw on lessons learned from reporters, editors and classmates during the hustle and bustle of legislative coverage. My class was fortunate enough to cover historic events like the repeal of Illinois’ death penalty, the passage of civil unions and the increase in the state’s income tax.”

How did UIS change or prepare you? 
“At UIS, I gained the ability to think critically and tear apart arguments, essential skills for any reporter. During undergrad I was a student in the Capital Scholars Honors Program and while at the time I griped about all the emphasis on theory and philosophy, I realize now it gave me a real foundation to explore how the world works in my journalism work.”

Favorite Hobby
“I love to backpack and camp in the mountains. I’ve been fortunate enough to land close to the Rocky Mountains and take every chance I get to venture on new trails and see new sights with a 40 pound pack on my back. Sounds like work to some, but it’s what grounds me.”

Posted on July 22, 2014